i feel the knife going in.


drake in the anaconda video and van gogh’s ‘at eternity’s gate’

I am so thankful that I had someone as wise as my mother to raise me. Anti-establishment, feminist, fuck everyone cuz no one’s looking out for you attitude that has caused me not only to survive but thrive in this hellscape we call the united states.

Fuck the US. Fuck the US military even harder. Fuck the people. Fuck the world. Imma get mine and you can watch.

Do you suppose francis bean cobain has a good relationship with her mother

tera melos

Gabriel García Márquez

Gabriel García Márquez

On Sunday, jeff mangum stood 10 feet from me and sang ‘little birds’ among many others and I wept that night because I knew that was the closest to the christian concept of heaven I will ever get, from pre birth to post death, nothing will ever come close to what Sunday was.

Even before I heard jeff mangum sing in the flesh on Sunday, every single neutral milk hotel track would make me cry because it was just far too real.

But after seeing the man himself, sing the words I recited to myself in my best and worst of times, I just still can’t believe it happened at all.

I didn’t need to meet him, despite the fact that he is strictly camera shy to say the least…

If you were there at any of his live performances, you’d understand.

It’s such a crazily personal, powerful, dangerous thing…

I thought for the first time, as he and his band left the stage, that I could finally, truly die happy.

If my heart had stopped right then … I would have no regrets.

But it didn’t and here I am. I can’t listen to a neutral milk hotel song anymore without bawling over how beautiful that night was and how it didn’t fucking matter that I had no one to share it with.

There is sun and spring and green forever.

Let your skin begin to blend itself with mine.

Wow you know you’re world cup drunk when you’re pleading with henry “the fonz” winkler to throw the fish he just caught back in the water over twitter


Also it’s crazy hilarious/ironic that he writes a song denouncing “gold diggers” and then fucking marries kim kardashian LIKE OMAGAW THAT’S THE BEST JOKE I’VE HEARD ALL YEAR